Blind Whino SW Arts Club Overview

"Blind Whino is a new landmark in a old building in a changing neighborhood. What it has done for the northeastern corner of Southwest has been amazing. It's brought vitality to a corner few ever visited. It's a towering bookend to the thriving Southwest Arts District, and a vivacious heartbeat to an emerging quadrant ready for center stage! It's everything and more than what the neighborhood thought it was getting when the project started." - Shannon Vaughn, Editor-in-Chief Southwester Magazine

As we recently celebrated our 2nd Year Anniversary in August, we would like to bring attention to the potential long term partnership between the Wharf and Blind Whino. Over the next few years, the Waterfront will be undergoing major construction causing some community constraints. As a means of relief, our facility can be used actively as a central location for all things cool absorbing the authenticity and enrichment of Art; collectively. Through programming, we can house numerous community arts classes and activities, hold neighborhood and corporate meetings, host area functions and fundraisers, and even produce special events welcoming new businesses to the Wharf. This would help add another solid layer of exposure for the project.

At Blind Whino, we plan to incorporate a few unique/dynamic internal programs as well including pop up dinners and Sunday food truck brunches. Considering our non traditional venue and approach to activate, we can invite incoming chefs to the Wharf residency to Blind Whino to share their talents to the Southwest Community exclusively prior to their tenure. Another concept lies with Randall Field in our backyard; we have the ability to partner with Under Armour and Department of Parks and Recreation to bring musical talent to Southwest ahead of the Waterfront Arena as Southwest is the only quadrant in Washington DC that hasn't seen any major music festival since Riverfest on Water Street (Concept Below). With quite a few underpasses and underground walkways, we can also add some creative color to paths making Southwest a true Arts District not just on Delaware Avenue SW, but throughout the entire Waterfront corridor (Concept Below).

All of the noted integrations mentioned will only help add value to the city's most anticipated project to date. With your support, we can continue to drive the culture and keep Southwest strong within the Arts & Entertainment communities.


700 Delaware Avenue, SW Washington DC 20024





Grammy Award Winning Roc Nation Artist DJ Mustard

Grammy Nominated Hip Hop Star Wale & G.O.O.D. Music artist Pusha T 

Grammy Award Winning R&B Star Anthony Hamilton

DMV Rap Trio Gods'illa

Grammy Award Winning Singer & Songwriter Bridget Kelly


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