Friday Night Lights

Washington D.C. has played host to numerous festivals in every quadrant of the city, except Southwest DC.

With Randall Field recently completing a $2 million dollar renovation, thanks to Under Armour, Cal Ripken Foudnation, Ryan Zimmerman & the Washington Nationals, we now have an opportunity to bring premium programming to the most underutilized Department of Parks and Recreation facility in all of Washington DC.


As a joint collaboration between neighboring Non Profit Arts Club Blind Whino and the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) we can build an organic showcase of talent via Live Music, Arts, Fashion, Sports and More all to Randall Fields and Recreation Center on Friday, October 21st from 4-8p. The objective is our Friday Night Lights "Pop Up" program is to bring some much needed attention to the types of programming at Randall Recreation and all DPR facilities across the city. Additionally, this event brings the community together to help fundraise for Randall for more community workshops, classes, activities and more via the Friends of Randall Program. 


Below showcases the positive impact when combining a creative community & captivating cultural elements collectively.


5,000+ at Randall Field in Southwest DC.


An Energetic Eco-Friendly Environment & Dynamic Cultural Experience. 


Visual Recaps from our previous Festival & Special Events Activations