Heineken x Blind Whino Partnership

"Blind Whino is a new landmark in a old building in a changing neighborhood. What it has done for the northeastern corner of Southwest has been amazing. It's brought vitality to a corner few ever visited. It's a towering bookend to the thriving Southwest Arts District, and a vivacious heartbeat to an emerging quadrant ready for center stage! It's everything and more than what the neighborhood thought it was getting when the project started." - Shannon Vaughn, Editor-in-Chief Southwester Magazine

Bud Light Lounge - 1st Floor Main Entrance - Main Through-way & Hub of our Footprint.

As we extend into our 3rd Year of operations, we would like to bring attention to the potential long term partnership between Anheuser Busch and Blind Whino. Over the 2016 Calendar Year, through strategic programming, we plan produce numerous community arts classes and activities, neighborhood and corporate meetings, area functions and fundraisers, and special events and concerts. With an added value, all the functions noted above will incorporate our branded lounge space. This would help add another solid layer of exposure the Anheuser Busch brand as we see over 10,000 physical visitors and over 25,000 virtual visitors a month.

At Blind Whino, we plan to incorporate unique/dynamic levels of programming including pop up dinners and Sunday food truck brunches. Considering our non traditional venue and approach to activate, we have the ability to partner with Under Armour and Department of Parks and Recreation to bring musical talent to Southwest ahead of the Waterfront Arena at the Wharf as Southwest is the only quadrant in Washington DC that hasn't seen any major music festival since Riverfest on Water Street (SW Smile Project - BC Festival). With quite a few underpasses and underground walkways, we can also add some creative color to paths making Southwest a true Arts District not just on Delaware Avenue SW, but throughout the entire Waterfront corridor (SW Mural Project).

All of the noted integrations mentioned will only help add value to our project as we serve all genres and have a heavy focus on millennials specifically. With your support, we can continue to drive the culture within the Arts & Entertainment communities.

Washington drew a record 20.2 million visitors last year, with increases in international and domestic visitors, tourism officials announced Monday. The tourism bureau Destination DC said the city drew an all-time high number of tourists in 2014. The group released data on international visitors showing a 16 percent increase in overseas visitors, totaling 1.9 million international tourist Source: ABC News



Bar Integration @ $10,000

Three Fully Branded Bars

Exclusive Sale of Products

Lounge Rehab @ $20,000

Branded Graffiti Rug

Refurbished Floor & Decor

Co Working Incubator Space 

Naming Rights to Space

 Beer Garden @ $10,000

Full Courtyard Overhaul 


Daily Operable Hours

Mural Project @ $20,000

4 Branded Murals Inside Lounge Space


Will give Anheuser Busch FREE access to program 1 trade event every 3 Months ($6,000/per)

Will Purchase 300 Cases - Annually


Please advise: This partnership in its entirity will satisfy an exclusive agreement to only sell and serve your brand.


700 Delaware Avenue, SW Washington DC 20024


"Millennials favour experiences over stuff and nightclubs should benefit from that,” says Ramzi Yakob, senior strategist of the digital agency TH_NK. “But Millennials also realize that their time is the scarcest resource they have, so why would they spend their precious time revisiting the same experience every weekend?”  - Source: The Independent


I've never gotten so many Instagram likes in my life. Besides Captain White's, Blind Whino is my favorite building in SW. I dare you to fight back a smile when strolling by this converted church's dip dyed exterior and polka dot exterior. It is a building that is begging to be photographed. The building is owned by a non-profit organization which rents out the venue for exhibits, festivals, parties, live shows and artist workshops and aims to celebrate creativity in the DC area.

I recently attended the Amazing Art Jam show here and experienced an impressive mix of all things fun -- live painting, music, cocktails, pop culture art, cosplay fashion show, vintage video game arcade and more. If geeky art shows are not your thing but eating and drinking are, they also have played host to several of the Bendy Brunch series.You can check out their calendar to see their eclectic lineup!

And if you're a photographer, don't forget to bring your camera because this place is bangin'. - Kimberly S. (February 2015 Yelp Review)



Grammy Award Winning Roc Nation Artist DJ Mustard

Grammy Nominated Hip Hop Star Wale & G.O.O.D. Music artist Pusha T 

Grammy Award Winning R&B Star Anthony Hamilton

DMV Rap Trio Gods'illa

Grammy Award Winning Singer & Songwriter Bridget Kelly

For living in DC for almost a year, how did I just discover this place?!? Blind Whino is a beautiful old church turned into an artistic world that holds an assortment of events!! I went here for the Peace, Love, Yoga Festival (Day Event) and the Cherry Blast (Night Event) - both offering two different experiences. 

With two floors and several rooms, Blind Whino is the perfect place for any type of event. There are different rooms with several art pieces in the downstairs and the upstairs is just one big room with beautiful murals and art painted on the walls! During the day, the colors of this old church really shine and it's overall just a beautiful and mythical sight. To have a yoga festival here, is probably one of the best ideas ever! On the first floor, it was decorated with cherry blossom paper petals and so many whimsical images. It was really a sight to see while doing YOGA!! 

And in the night, the colors are not only trippy but it sets the tone for a fun dance party. After going here for the cherry blast, I would go here again in a heart beat!! With a glass of wine, I enjoyed looking through art and dancing in such a colorful and urban-esque environment. Also, huge highlight is the cool winded stair cases and labyrinth like architecture. Wasn't the best idea to run down these with a few drinks in me, but love the structure of this place! Yes, it does get pretty hot in here, but heck, who can say they partied in an old now super hip and colorful church!  Thank you Blind Whino for such a great experience - TIL WE MEET AGAIN.
- Eric Joseph D. (June 2015 Yelp Review)


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