Lyft Partnership

lyft & Blind Whino Partnership

 @ 700 Delaware Avenue SW WDC 20024

The information below serves as an active opportunity between Lyft & Blind Whino. The partnership terms will integrate specific Lyft brand elements throughout the interior and exterior venue and grant multiple visual syncs to the Lyft brand to help increase user engagement and ridership.. This is an exclusivity alignment with Lyft from January 1st, 2018 until January 1st, 2019. 

Venue Build Out & Brand Integrations

3 Key Call Out Areas

Branded Fence:A new, customized pink fence with Lyft brand elements and discount codes posted at entry/exit points for new  & current Lyft riders. Over 200 linear feet of black iron fencing painted w/ Lyft Pink. ($10,000)

Designated Drop Off & Pick Up Point: A creative flagpole area 10 x 10 in size where Lyft drivers can easily drop off and pick up riders. We identified this area during previously sponsored events with the Lyft ambassadors and via traffic flow at the circle. ($10,000)

Lyft Lounge & Mural: A refreshed lounge environment with built-to-suit Lyft branded Cocktail Bars, DJ booth, Flat Screen TVs & WiFi for an enhanced user experience. #LyftLounge will be the branded hashtag throughout to properly to identify our partnership. ($10,000)


Activation & Programs: A collection of events powered by Lyft; including Wale Unplugged. Multiple brand mentions on all social feeds and main website identifying our partnership. ($20,000)


$50,000 One Year - Exclusive Long Term Partnership


Branded Fence:

Designated Drop Off & Pick Up Point:

Lyft Lounge & Mural:

Additional Partnership Opportunities

January - March (Q1) no cost..


MLK Holiday Weekend (1/11-1/15)

  • Opening Art Reception (300+ People)
  • Special MLK Deli Restaurant Pop Up 
  • Wale Unplugged - Special Lyft User Concert (300+ People) (Pending)

Washington Auto Show (1/23-2/4)*

  • Lyft Lounge Installation (50,000+ People)
  • Chalkboard Art Car Activation
  • Wale Guest Appearance (50,000+ People)

* Will cost an additional $5,000 to activate


Love Lounge (New) 

  • Cuff Love Panel (200+ People)
  • Valentines Brunch (200+ People)
  • Valentines Yoga (100+ People)
  • Love Jones Poetry Slam (300+ People)
  • #LyftLoveLounge

Peace Love & Soulection (New)

  • Weekly Social Event Featuring New Solection Radio Episodes
  • Special Perks for Lyft Riders


Jameson & Ginger (3/17)

  • Annual St. Patricks Day Event
  • Wale Special Guest DJ

Cherry Blossom Festival & Cherry Blast (3/22)

  • International Festival
  • Cherry Blossom Inspired Art & Activation
  • Official Ride Share Partner of Festival

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