PepsiCo @ Trillectro

PepsiCo Strategic Plan

With a 20 x 20 footprint, PepsiCo x Mountain Dew will have an experiential build filled with cultured activity and engagement for Trillectro patrons including visual art, access to charging stations, basketball games, photo booth and most importantly, a place to sit down and chill.

Footprint Design

Before & After

Sampling Station

Located at Just inside VIP Gate Entrance alongside 20 x 20 footprint above & in the South Plaza Entrance area.

Spray Paint Signature Wall

Located at the 20 x 20 footprint space as noted above.


Similar to last years activation, the PepsiCo fx Mountain Dew footprint will include multiple layers of engagement including a branded photo booth, step & repeat, charging station, furniture, mini basketball pop shot and a spray paint signature area for people to tag their names.